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Warning: Slash! Male / Male Relationship. Don't like? Don't watch!
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After the battle of New York, the Avengers move into Stark Tower. Steve is instantly amazed by Tonys workshop, but tries not to let it show. It takes a while for both men to overcome their initial encounter on the Hellicarrier and they try to avoid each other as best as possible. A sudden failure of the arc reactor sends Tony to the hospital and Steve and Natasha watch over him throughout the whole surgery. Afterwards both Steve and Tony realise they actually get along really well if they only give it a chance.
The Avengers have to attend to the annual Maria-Stark-Foundation charity ball and both men bring dates. Yet seeing Steve with someone else has Tony realise that his feelings towards the super soldier may be a little bit more than platonic. Throughout the following months their relationship develops slowly but steadily over missions, late-night-calls and shared hours in the workshop until, finally -- they share their first kiss and their first night together.

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